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April 25, 2005



(((((K))))) K, I think guilt just goes hand in hand with motherhood. And I know that while my kids don't have the disabilities that Alli has, whenever something bothers them, or say if we go to the eye dr. and Is gets a bad report, I totally feel the guilt, I should have done, what if I had, If only, etc. The good thing is that the logical part of your brain usually kicks in and says, this is bigger than me, I'm not God and I can't control this stuff. I know Alli is all about mischief these days, so maybe it would be hard to get away, but I think it might be good for all of you and Alli loves her grandparents & you know she'd be so well cared for, it might be something to think about, when you're ready. You are a wonderful mama to her, K. Guilt is such a wasted emotion, please try to let it go, it only festers & eats at you. She is your sunshine & you are her world, and let it go at that. I love ya!

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